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Buying & Selling LeRoy Neiman Graphics Since 1980
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NeimanGraphics.com was established to assist active art collectors, new and old, in acquiring or disposing of LeRoy Neiman's original graphics. The sales and marketing staff have successfully handled transactions of LeRoy Neiman originals since 1980. For over two decades, we have specialized in the successful transfer of art and money between the buyer and seller.

Many owners of graphic artwork request to be anonymous. Our private and institutional client network consists of active art collectors, museums, corporations, foundations and trusts. We will give you an estimate of a negotiable price if you request. We will put your information into our database and contact you as a sales potential arises.

If you need a quick sale, please let us know and we will try to acknowledge, and will give you an appropriate pricing for a quick sale.

LeRoy Neiman is the most important living artist, and we feel fortunate to offer his works for sale. Hopefully our site will give you a very easy way to find a LeRoy Neiman limited edition print that interests you. You can search for a Neiman graphic within a listed subject matter, or word in title. Each image is shown in a smaller scale that can be increased by clicking on its photo. We will have all types of pertinent information along-side the larger version. We will either have the image marked as readily available, or one that we will be glad to search for.

We remove tape, acid burn, and any handling marks before we send a piece, so you can be assured any art purchased from us will be considered in excellent condition. If it is a very hard-to-find image, and not readily available in excellent condition, the sale will always be based on acceptance of condition. We will give you our honest opinion of what that means in terms of resale value.

All artwork will be furnished with a certificate of authenticity from our company, or from the publisher, Knoedler Publishing of New York.

Intent to return merchandise must be made in writing, or by phone contact within three days after receipt of merchandise.

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