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Our world is quickly changing and becoming digitalized: all people have smartphones, business is done online, there are many helpful websites and apps in different industries, and advertising is managed with the help of elements of graphic design. Let's take education as an example: earlier, students had to manage all their homework on their own, often failing to meet deadlines. Now they can order online help reading an edubirdie review or some essaypro reviews to make sure the service is reliable.
The Internet gives a lot of opportunities, and besides finding helpful agencies based on users` feedback and informative domyessay reviews, you can also get helpful courses and resources, sometimes absolutely for free. In this article, we will discuss top resources for future graphic designers offered by universities, online courses, and experts in the industry.

Top graphic design resources to use this year

Choosing a course to take, you should pay attention to the following criteria:
- It should start with the basics and explain foundational elements before going to more complex concepts;
- It has to provide examples of the application of the knowledge and skills in real life as well as make you complete different assignments and be assessed;
- It should be taught by industry professionals who have real invaluable experience and working strategies they use for years.
We have searched through the web and constructed a list of top courses you may consider to start your education from:
1. Alison Online
The main goal of this platform is to make online education possible for everyone, so even if you are completely new to design, you can easily start with the basic level on the right course. The website has lots of materials presented in slideshows and providing you with a certificate upon completion, which is another qualification in your CV. Even though the programs are free, you should still pay $20-100 to get a certificate or may unlock more features for a subscription fee;
2. Udemy
This resource presents the material in videos that are given by independent teachers with prices set depending on its length, the qualification, and the field itself. It makes the platform a competitive marketplace, which in turn gives you an option to choose a course meeting your level and goals. One of its best tutorials for graphic designers is the «Introduction course,» that is free and covers all basic concepts from main principles to the entire design process. Once you are done with it, you can proceed with a number of other courses for a deeper graphic design understanding including software guides, complex tutorials and life hacks for some general design projects that you may enjoy for free;
3. MIT
The university offers online Open Course Ware that is a database of useful information presented by professional academics and available for you for free. They are focused on more practical ways of application and are also connected with related to graphic design courses such as web coding. The website is well-organized, so you can easily navigate and get lessons that fit your goals. As a bonus, you will not have to deal with ads or other irrelevant stuff;
4. A brief history of typography
This is a must-have program for every beginner because a graphic designer should know and differentiate the font used. The right font an either make your project successful or ruin it, and here you have an opportunity to learn all typography nuances briefly and efficiently. It includes the bonus list of one hundred best typefaces, recommendations on reading, and detailed explanations of most complex concepts.
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