Leroy Neiman - Brilliant American Artist

Leroy Neiman is one of the most famous American artists across the globe. Born in 1921, Neiman has lived through the major historical events in American and world history. During his 91 years of life, Neiman has served in the US Army in WW2, worked as a cook, painter, illustrator for sports events, and even Playboy. Though, he’s true calling was, of course, painting. During his life, Neiman was among the most popular expressionist artists in the US. His artworks are still growing in popularity by this day. Leroy Neiman's art is known for its dynamic energy, bright vibrant colors, and fun context. These paintings represent the life and spirit of their master. They also carry great historical importance as Neiman preserved in time numerous iconic bars, sports events, and locations, by illustrating them in his art. 

The majority of Neiman’s paintings are dedicated to the entertainment industry. The common themes of his work were sports events, nightlife, represented by the painting of bars, cafes, tourist locations, and others. He also often painted animals and wildlife in their natural environment. Though, of course, above all, people and their lifestyles remained the main focus in Neiman’s art throughout his career. This should come as no surprise as the artist's life speaks for itself. Neiman loved to travel as he wanted to see the world for himself. Especially Neiman loved visiting different sports events and than portraying them on his canvases; from sailing and boxing matches to horse races and golf competitions. These events were often the inspiration behind many of his famous pieces, such as North Seas Sailing (1980), Toreador (1973), Chemin de Fer (1991), and others. 

Overall, just by looking at Neiman’s paintings, it becomes obvious that the man loved life and surely succeed in expressing this love of his in numerous artworks. The colors, common plots, dynamics, and sceneries, the talented execution of his ideas, all of these elements make Neiman’s painting alive. It is almost as his work invites all of its viewers to join him in his adventures, to see the world with his eyes. The Portrait of the Leopard (1997) or the Prowling Leopard (2003) invites you to visit the Safari with Neiman somewhere in East Africa; the Hawaiian Surfers (1974) portraying two people catching the wave in the open ocean makes you want to join them for a swim. The Le Grand Escalier de'L' Opera (1975) depicts the crowd in the opera theatre and the beauty of the old architecture, Bethesda Fountain - Central Park (1989) portraying a lovely sunny day in Central Park, these pictures invite us all in. We want to be in those paintings, to share the same experience as people on them. 

We want to feel part of this lifestyle that preaches freedom, joy, and amusement. His paintings express the excitement of being alive and his desire to share it with the rest of us. However preoccupied or stressed you may be, looking at his work will always relieve you of this tension. It is impossible to be thinking of things like “who can write my paper for me?” or “how can I do my statistics homework in time?” while seeing his work. He reminds you that life's too short to not enjoy. After all, you can always order essay but you can’t relive the same experience twice. “Don’t waste it,” he warns, “live it all.” 

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